Long-lasting comfort!
Keeps your bed in its original form for many years.
Kessel Mattress ESS Bag Provides ideal spine support with its spring system and high comfort.
Sanitized technology and removable - washable cover allow you to use your bed clean for many years.
  • 90x190
  • 90x200
  • 100x200
  • 120x200
  • 140x190
  • 150x200
  • 160x200
  • 180x200
  • 200x200
Roll Pack
As Pofuduk Yatak, we have developed a new packaging system for you by following the technology continuously. Thanks to the pressure applied, our products are rolled in cylindrical shape. The Roll-Pack system provides transportation and transportation without any damage and deformation to our mattresses produced with the latest technology. With this process, our products are minimized transport fees in export.