Lurex Visco; Thanks to the E Vitamin capsules in the knitted fabric, it protects the skin against harmful external factors and lubrication effects. It helps moisturize the skin during the night. Thanks to the 5-Zone Pocket Spring System, it adapts specifically to your body structure. Providing a soft feeling at first welcome with its 65 Dns Special Visco layer, Lurex Visco Bed provides a more comfortable sleep environment by preventing spouses from being affected by involuntary turning movements during sleep.
  • 90x190
  • 90x200
  • 100x200
  • 120x200
  • 140x190
  • 150x200
  • 160x200
  • 180x200
  • 200x200
Roll Pack
As Pofuduk Yatak, we have developed a new packaging system for you by following the technology continuously. Thanks to the pressure applied, our products are rolled in cylindrical shape. The Roll-Pack system provides transportation and transportation without any damage and deformation to our mattresses produced with the latest technology. With this process, our products are minimized transport fees in export.